OudeBoeken BSKEMPEN Civil Registry of the Campine, Antwerp Province


BS-Kempen is the name of a group of people whose goal is to make all the public records of the Civil Registry (births, deaths and marriages) of all the municipalities of the region known as De Kempen in the province of Antwerp (Belgium), available in a digitised and indexed form on the internet. This ensures that the original documents can be kept in a secure and protective environment and, at the same time, that the information is nevertheless available without restrictions
From the images of the records of the Civil Registration, three index files are made for each calendar year (Excel files for the births, marriages and deaths). In each of these Excel files is indecated where the record can be found. These files can be downloaded from the page of the municipality.

From these index files, a database is made every month, which makes it possible to search in all available records for each municipality. The database can be downloaded from this page.

The table lists the municipalities for which data are currently available. Work in progress is also indicated. Click on a shield of arms shown below to gain access to the indices of the municipality indicated. Several municipalities of the Limburg province which where indexed in the past, but don't belong to the area of interest of the BSKempen taskforce, are moved to a separate page.

Bevel BEVEL (Nijlen) Civil Registry 1800-1910 (2.585 records)
Booischot BOOISCHOT (Heist-op-den-Berg) Civil Registry 1836-1859 (3.119 records)
Borsbeek BORSBEEK Civil Registry 1802-1914 (4.493 records)
bouwel BOUWEL (Grobbendonk) Civil Registry 1802-1910 (4.185 records)
eindhout EINDHOUT (Laakdal) Parish registry 1720-1799 (2.701 records)
Civil Registry 1797-1914 (6.812 records)
geel GEEL Parish registry Zammel 1754-1776 (694 records)
Civil Registry 1797-1907 (74.504 records)
gierle GIERLE (Lille) Civil Registry 1877-1900 (340 records)
grobbendonk GROBBENDONK Civil Registry 1798-1910 (8.448 records)
hallaar HALLAAR (Heist-op-den-Berg) Civil Registry 1876-1910 (1.471 records)
herentals HERENTALS Parish registry 1775-1805 (4.510 records)
Civil Registry 1798-1914 (35.558 records)
herselt HERSELT Parish registry 1694-1797 (8.561 records)
Civil Registry 1800-1910 (26.127 akten)
hoogstraten HOOGSTRATEN Civil Registry 1797-1880 (10.463 records)
houtvenne HOUTVENNE (Hulshout) Civil Registry 1800-1914 (3.519 records)
hulshout HULSHOUT Civil Registry 1800-1914 (6.648 records)
itegem ITEGEM (Heist-op-den-Berg) Burgerlijke Stand 1792-1806 (909 records)
kessel KESSEL (Nijlen) Civil Registry 1802-1890 (9.913 akten)
lint LINT Civil Registry 1870-1912 (3.269 records)
loenhout LOENHOUT (Wuustwezel) Civil Registry 1802-1910 (10.933 records)
morkhoven MORKHOVEN (Herentals) Civil Registry 1792-1914 (3.583 records)
nijlen NIJLEN Civil Registry 1800-1890 (10.318 records)
noorderwijk NOORDERWIJK (Herentals) Parish registry 1605-1797 (9.835 records)
Civil Registry 1797-1914 (8.140 records)
oevel OEVEL (Westerlo) Parish registry 1733-1820 (3.397 records)
Civil Registry 1792-1913 (6.820 records)
olen OLEN Civil Registry 1797-1910 (12.452 records)
ramsel RAMSEL (Herselt) Civil Registry 1866-1910 (4.563 records)
tessenderlo TESSENDERLO Civil Registry 1798-1890 (16.933 records)
tongerlo TONGERLO (Westerlo) Civil Registry 1797-1913 (12.335 records)
varendonk VARENDONK (Laakdal) Civil Registry 1801-1914 (1.174 records)
veerle VEERLE (Laakdal) Civil Registry 1798-1914 (10.241 records)
vorselaar VORSELAAR Civil Registry 1802-1875 (7.097 records)
vorst VORST (Laakdal) Parish registry 1598-1800
Civil Registry 1792-1914 (14.533 records)
werbeek WERBEEK (Retie) Civil Registry 1802-1820 (265 records)
westerlo WESTERLO Civil Registry 1798-1913 (18.389 records)
westmeerbeek WESTMEERBEEK (Hulshout) Civil Registry 1802-1914 (4.151 records)
Conscription list 1851-1880
wiekevorst WIEKEVORST (Heist-op-den-Berg) Civil Registry 1792-1885 (5.827 records)
zoerle ZOERLE-PARWIJS (Westerlo) Civil Registry 1793-1913 (3.946 records)