Wapenschild Civil Registry HERSELT BSKEMPEN




This page lists the records of the Civil Registry available for the municipality of Herselt.
The index files available are listed in the table below. All files are compressed in zip-format. Each compressed file usually contains three index files in MS-Excel format. The date in the last column of the table refers to the most recent update of the zip-file. The numbers in columns three to five refer to the number of records available for births, deaths, and marriages, respectively.
To download, right-click and choose "Save target as...". To decompress the file, either double-click and choose "Files>Extract all" (Windows XP or later), or use a dedicated decompression program.

Type Period proofreaded until births marriages deaths date
PR 1694-1810 1694-1810 5.523 1.286 4.375 01-08-2022
BS 1797-1950 1797-1950 16.184 4.703 12.104 01-04-2024

The records of the civil registry for the city of Herselt are available on the websites of Familysearch (FS) or the State Archives (RA). The table below lists all available collections on the website of Familysearch or the State Archives.

Burgerlijke Stand
Periode births marriages deaths Opmerkingen
1797-1799 Rijksarchief Beveren, aanvraagnummer: BS99 nr. 178 Enkel overlijdens. Niet online raadpleegbaar.
1800-1814 HER-FS01
1815-1825 HER-FS02
1826-1835 HER-FS03
1836-1845 HER-FS04
1846-1855 HER-FS05
1856-1865 HER-FS06
1866-1875 HER-FS07 Vanaf 1866 is Ramsel een zelfstandige gemeente.
1876-1880 HER-FS08
1881-1890 HER-FS09
1891-1898 HER-FS10 -- --
1899-1900 HER-FS11 -- --
1891-1900 -- HER-FS11
1901-1910 HER-FS12 HER-FS13 HER-FS14
1911 HER-FS15 HER-FS16 HER-FS17
1912 HER-FS18 HER-FS19 HER-FS20
1913 HER-FS21 HER-FS22 HER-FS23
1914 HER-FS24 HER-FS25 HER-FS26
1915 HER-FS27 HER-FS28 HER-FS29
1916 HER-FS30 HER-FS31 HER-FS32
1917 HER-FS33 HER-FS34 HER-FS35
1918 HER-FS36 HER-FS37 HER-FS38
1919 HER-FS39 HER-FS40 HER-FS41
1920 HER-FS42 HER-FS43 HER-FS44
1921 HER-FS45 HER-FS46 HER-FS47
1922 HER-FS48 HER-FS49 HER-FS50
1923 HER-FS51 HER-FS52 HER-FS53
1924 HER-FS54 HER-FS55 HER-FS56
1925 HER-FS57 HER-FS58 HER-FS59
1926 HER-FS60 HER-FS61 HER-FS62
1927 HER-FS63 HER-FS64 HER-FS65
1928 HER-FS66 HER-FS67 HER-FS68
1929 HER-FS69 HER-FS70 HER-FS71
1930 HER-FS72 HER-FS73 HER-FS74
1931 HER-FS75 HER-FS76 HER-FS77
1932 HER-FS78 HER-FS79 HER-FS80
1933 HER-FS81 HER-FS82 HER-FS83
1934 HER-FS84 HER-FS85 HER-FS86
1935 HER-FS87 HER-FS88 HER-FS89
1936 HER-FS90 HER-FS91 HER-FS92
1937 HER-FS93 HER-FS94 HER-FS95
1938 HER-FS96 HER-FS97 HER-FS98
1939 HER-FS99 HER-FS100 HER-FS101
1940 HER-FS102 HER-FS103 HER-FS104
1941 HER-FS105 HER-FS106 HER-FS107
1942 HER-FS108 HER-FS109 HER-FS110
1943 HER-FS111 HER-FS112 HER-FS113
1944 HER-FS114 HER-FS115 HER-FS116
1945 HER-FS117 HER-FS118 HER-FS119
1946 HER-FS120 HER-FS121 HER-FS122
1947 HER-FS123 HER-FS124 HER-FS125
1948 HER-FS126 HER-FS127 HER-FS128
1949 HER-FS129 HER-FS130 HER-FS131
1950 HER-FS132 HER-FS133 HER-FS134