OudeBoeken BSKEMPEN Civil Registry of the Campine, Antwerp Province




The BSKempen team

RudolfPeeters OmerTubbax WillyVanDePoel WillyVanRooy
Rudolf Peeters, Antwerp
webmaster, VVF 10779
Omer Tubbax, Geel
initiator, deceased 09-06-2013
Willy Van de Poel, De Panne
deceased 22-12-2012
Willy Vanrooy, Wilrijk
team member
JosVanDeVen ErikPeeters WillyBouwen
Jos Van de Ven, Laakdal
team member
Erik Peeters, Geel
team member, VVF 13463
Willy Bouwen, Brasschaat
team member

Do you want to join the team?

This project is done by unpaid volunteers. Please send us an e-mail if you want to join the team. You do not need much equipment: a computer, MS-Excel compatible software, a DVD reader, some spare gigabytes on your hard disk and an internet connection. Most records are in Dutch, many in French. You will need some basic knowledge of both languages.

What type of work is there to be done? We digitise, either by scanning or photography. Digitised records are burned on DVD and sent to the team members. Essential data need to be added to index files, and checked for correctness. Hence, you could either be involved in the compilation of the index files, or in the subsequent proof reading. All this can be done at home, on your own computer and in your own time. The team operates in a democratic fashion. Each one can pick his or her part of the work that is to be done according to personal preferences, capabilities, and time available.